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Following the popular trend of coconut flavored beverages, Mamma Chia’s Coconut Mango blends two tropical flavors with a base of hydrated chia seeds. From a flavor perspective, it’s quite restrained, with a mellow flavor that’s light on both sweetness and fruit flavor. The mango is easier to taste than the coconut, which, quite honestly, is much easier to detect in the drink’s smell rather than its flavor. The suspended chia seeds provide visual enhancement to the product as well as nutrition and chew to the liquid. However, compared to some of the other flavors, the natural thickness to the mango seems to slightly camouflage the chia seeds and reduce their chew. From a packaging perspective, the 10 oz. glass bottle continues with the theme that was established by the initial batch of Mamma Chia flavors. Specifically, it has a very good-for-you look, both in the taper of the bottle and the whimsical design of the label. Overall, we think that this is a very marketable and enjoyable extension to the line -- and it’s definitely a good starting point for consumers who are new to the brand.


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