Maple Lane Farms Black Currant Juice

by Maple Lane Farms

Maple Lane Farms Black Currant Juice

Manufacturer's Brand Overview

Maple Lane Farms is the largest grower of black currants in North America. Our fresh black currant juice is bottled fresh every week at our farm in CT. Our juice is pasteurized and we don't add any preservatives. For that reason our juice has to be refrigerated at all times and has a ‘sell by date’ of 60 days. You can find our juice in the produce section of most larger retailers in New England and the Mid-Atlantic. Black currants, an excellent source of antioxidants, contain higher concentrations of Vitamin C, Potassium (K), Iron (Fe), Organic Acids and Phenolic Compounds (Vitamin P Complex/ Bioflavanoids) and Anthocyanins than most other fruits. With such outstanding nutritional health benefits, you’ll want to consider making black currants a part of your meals and overall well-being.

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