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Last Updated: 6/3/2011 3:13 PM

Upon opening Margo’s Bark root beer you are greeted with a high quality classic style root beer aroma. Margo’s bark is a highly satisfying, thirst quenching root beer with a nice blend of nutmeg and vanilla. It also features clove and wintergreen to the finish, which provide some additional depth to the product. Sweetened with cane sugar, Margo’s has a moderate level of sweetness without a lingering sticky mouth feel (as you’d probably find with HFCS). The product comes packaged in a “classic” brown 12 oz. glass bottle and has a relatively nice looking label featuring a picture of a black dog. The text, however, is a bit sloppy, with five different fonts on the front panel. There’s one big point of differentiation about this product that we can’t overlook: Margo’s bark donates ALL proceeds to local shelter dogs. Certainly a novel approach that will resonate with some segment of consumers. Overall, this is a high quality, great tasting root beer with only a slight setback from the label presentation. However the brand’s philanthropic efforts certainly give it a leg up on its competition.


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12 oz Glass

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