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Last Updated: 1/4/2011 12:25 PM

Mellow Day Coconut Banana is an enhanced water product with vitamins and nutrients commonly found in other “relaxation” beverages. Compared to other coco/banana flavored products, which tend to come off sickly sweet, Mellow Day does a nice job of combining a palatable banana taste followed by a smooth coconut finish. The beverage is sweetened naturally, containing 12 g of pure cane sugar. The product is packaged in a stock hot fill PET bottle and a metallic wrap label. Out of the whole Mellow Day line up, we feel the coconut banana label could use the most tweaking. Specifically, the color of the product in combination with the color of the label tends to wash out any text which may make this difficult to read while on the shelf. Overall, a decent entry, but some packaging cleanup would help make things better.


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Functional: Relaxation Drink


16 oz PET

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