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Last Updated: 10/16/2007 11:02 AM

Metromint's latest installment is a blend of chocolate and mint flavors, which results in something along the lines of a peppermint patty but without the sugar. The unsweetened formula is extremely rich in flavor, which is impressive for a zero calorie product. Aside from the chocolate flavor, the product has a less pronounced mint flavor than the other varieties, which, when combined with the addition of the chocolate, should make for a product that brings new buyers to the brand. Packaging is attractive and clean, using brown colored dots to denote that this is the chocolate flavor of the brand. Overall, a superb addition to the Metromint lineup - their best yet.


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Water: Enhanced


16.9 fl oz PET

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0 calories, 0 total fat, 0 sodium, 0 total carbohydrates 0 protein


Water, mint, cooa essnce.

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