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Last Updated: 3/17/2008 9:41 AM

Metromint's latest flavor is Cherrymint, which, as the name implies, is an unsweetened mixture of cherry and mint flavors. The flavor is mellow and smooth, with the unsweetened cherry flavoring cutting the bite on the mint and also giving it some depth. However, it's still a true Metromint flavor as it leaves a lingering mint flavor that cleanses your palate. On the outside, they've selected a bright red accent color, which helps the flavor to pop out amongst the other Metromint flavors. That being said, we think that this is one of the better flavors of the lineup, both in terms of flavor and visuals. Definitely recommended.


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Water: Enhanced


16.9 fl oz

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Calories 0, Fat 0, Sodium 0, Carbs 0, Sugar, 0


Purified water, essence of mint, essence of cherry; Zero calories, zero preservatives, zero sugar.

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