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Last Updated: 8/27/2012 11:58 AM

The second of two “flavored water” varieties of Mickies is this product, Orange Mango. Like the other flavors in the brand, it uses an apple juice base that allows the product to be labeled as 44 percent juice. The orange and mango flavors are accurate, but not there in a sufficient capacity to compete with the stronger apple flavor. As a result, the product has a nice first note of flavor, but is quickly overwhelmed and has a finish that’s somewhat off. The design of the package, which definitely gets points for being innovative and catching the eye, is somewhat complicated to use in comparison to a standard juice box. Specifically, the product needs to be turned on its side and is somewhat awkward to hold since it has to be kept on its side. Still, we like the concept of this -- we hope that they can tweak both the flavor and package in the future.


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5 oz Pak

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