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Last Updated: 6/9/2013 12:34 PM

Minta’s Diet offering is conceptually the same as its original offering, but without the sugar. In its place are erythritol and stevia, which is, at the time of review, the best blend when it comes to an “all natural” diet beverage. The resulting mix has five calories and delivers a pretty accurate sweetness with minimal aftertaste. However, the blend of sweeteners and spearmint flavor takes it even closer to a chewing gum flavor than the Original. Our guess is that this will be a pretty polarizing flavor -- consumers will either love it or hate it. Fortunately for Minta, we think that the clean and polished look of the packaging has the chance to put more people in the first bucket. We like the slightly exotic look of the product -- it’s definitely a different and memorable approach. It leaves us wondering if the company could apply it to other things (flavored seltzer seems like an obvious one). Overall, we prefer the flavor of the Original, but this is certainly a nice complementary product.


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12oz Plastic

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