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Last Updated: 1/15/2015 8:40 AM

Minta is a “naturally flavored mint soda” that comes packaged in a proprietary 12 oz. plastic bottle. This sugar-sweetened soda (to the tune of 120 calories and 30g of sugar) has a pretty mellow flavor, which is certainly a nice change from other mint sodas that we’ve had in the past. Instead of overwhelming your palate with mint, there’s a pretty nice balance of sweet and mint, but neither is too strong. However, the mint flavor is a bit too close to what you’d find in chewing gum (namely, a spearmint gum). Improving upon the mint flavor and perhaps having it listed as an ingredient would be helpful. Visually, we like the package that the company has created. It has a premium European vibe (think Orangina or San Pellegrino) to it and is successful in its execution. It’s easy to understand and unique in its look -- two things that many beverages are lacking. Overall, mint soda still feels like something that is a niche beverage, but we think that Minta has done a great job.


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