MIRA Mango

by Mira International Foods, Inc.

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MIRA Mango

Manufacturer's Brand Overview

Our Premium Tropical Mango Nectar is made with hand selected mango that is grown on the tallest mango trees. These trees rest on the most fertile soil in the tropical region of North Africa. This wonderful blend of nature provides our mango nectar with a unique tangy sweet flavor and an aroma that is exceptionally robust and fruity. Our mango is flash pasteurized to enhance its flavor and aroma. Not only does our mango nectar taste the best it contains at least 100% of the recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C which has great health benefits. This combination of great taste and nutrition gives excellent support for your body's natural defenses and helps keep you vibrant and healthy. Enjoy your day with Mira Premium Tropical Mango Nectar! Available in 3 different sizes, 1 liter, 240ml and 200ml and are packaged in both glass bottles and Tetra pak (carton). Contains 23% mango juice

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