Hibiscus and Organic Ginger Root

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Hibiscus and Organic Ginger Root

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Last Updated: 9/25/2012 1:13 PM

Of Mission Root’s initial flavor lineup, this is most certainly going to be the most recognizable right out of the gate. Hibiscus, which is a classic herbal tea flavor, is something that seems like a great fit for a brand launching in the natural channel. From a flavor perspective, it’s pretty much what we expected, with a heavy dose of floral hibiscus flavor and a somewhat restrained level of sweetness (from blue agave). There’s added ginger, but we don’t taste it, which is somewhat of a letdown. Otherwise, this is definitely a very solid effort from a taste perspective. Visually, the dark reddish liquid creates some very nice contrast against the white label, while the added graphics definitely hammer home that this is a hibiscus beverage. Unlike the other flavors, which aren’t as familiar or frequently used in the American marketplace, it’s pretty easy to understand what this product is. Overall, a strong effort from Mission Root.


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Tea: Sweetened


12oz Glass Bottle

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