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Last Updated: 7/1/2011 3:21 PM

In terms of sports and hydration beverages, lemon lime is certainly the most ubiquitous flavor out there. Modjo Hydrade’s Lemon Lime Ice (the name is a mouthful) is a fairly pleasing take, with a 5% coconut water base that is sugar sweetened and enhanced with sea salt (a bit too much, in our opinion). Aside from the saltiness, the product is very drinkable with some added marketability (at least for now) from the coconut water. The packaging shows promise, but some restraint needs to be used when it comes to placing text on the front panel – there’s just too much of it. While we understand what they are trying to do, some of the items hurt rather than help the sale. Keeping it focused on flavor and hydration, while eliminating some of the gimmicks (like “formula 125”) would make the product more appealing and feel more credible. Overall, it’s a good start and with some refinement we think it could really be a good product.


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