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Last Updated: 9/15/2009 4:07 PM

Nitrous Monster’s “Anti-Gravity” variety is, as the orange coloring on the can implies, an orange flavored energy which has been enhanced with water that has been both carbonated and 'nitrogenated.' Starting from the moment that you open the product (you’ll hear a loud pop from releasing the pressure), this product is anything but an ordinary energy drink. The flavor and texture of the liquid are creamy and smooth, delivering what might almost fool the tongue as being an orange and cream flavor. That'’s the result of the nitrogen that has been added to the mix as well as the use of whey protein. Otherwise, the product is sweet and crisp – and packs a good dose of caffeine and other functional ingredients. Having a resealable top is a definite plus, especially if you’'re someone that likes to drink products of this size in more than one sitting. And, it simply makes for a nice-looking product, standing out from the set of 12 and 16 oz. energy drinks that it’s going to be competing against. Overall, a very enjoyable tasting and nice-looking product that we’'d definitely reach for again.


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12 oz can

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