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Last Updated: 5/7/2013 10:32 AM

Motto is a brand whose single product is a sparkling matcha tea. For the uninitiated, matcha is powdered green tea that comes in concentrated form. In this case, to the tune of the equivalent of 12 cups of steeped green tea per bottle. From a flavor perspective, this product is top notch, with the a delicate but slightly grassy flavor that pairs very nicely with the added sweetness (from agave and honey) and carbonation. To take things a step further, the company has added lemon juice and apple cider vinegar to the drink, which give the product some acidity to its finish. All in all, we very much like what they’ve created. It’s balanced and sophisticated while still having all of the enjoyment of a traditional carbonated soft drink - but with only 70 calories. Visually, the product’s long neck green glass bottle and minimalist label are definitely very striking. It’s clean and polished, but we think it would definitely benefit from having additional flavors in the lineup. Overall, a great start, and we’re already looking forward to more from Motto.


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Tea: Herbal and Alternative


12oz Glass

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