Mountain Dew Throwback

Mountain Dew Throwback

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Last Updated: 1/21/2010 9:45 AM

The 2010 version of Mountain Dew Throwback is an enjoyable tasting product that might just be the best tasting “Throwback” to date. Made with orange juice and sweetened with sugar, this year’s Mountain Dew Throwback is noticeably better than the last, with a flavor that’s fruity and pops in your mouth. Compared to the present day Mountain Dew formulation, this variety tastes different enough to actually warrant being a part of this lineup, although we certainly wish that this were more than a limited time offering. Otherwise, it does, like the normal formulation, have a high level of carbonation and a decent caffeine kick, which should excite drinkers who consume Dew on a regular basis. On the exterior, the “Throwback” design is, like the initial Pepsi Throwback, a big disappointment. Featuring the brand's original mascot, Willy The Hillbilly, the design is too much of a departure from the brand imagery we associate with Mountain Dew. Really, if they took this formula with the previous Throwback look, we think they’d have a winner. Overall, this product tastes way better than today’s HFCS no-juice Mountain Dew formulation, but its looks are less than attractive thanks to what appears to be some intentional handicapping.


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12 oz can

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