Mozart Energy Drink Chocolate

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Mozart Energy Drink Chocolate

Manufacturer's Brand Overview

Be Smart, Drink Mozart

"The World's First Chocolate Energy Drink"
An Amazing Symphony of Flavors, a chocolate seduction inside and out. The aroma, the taste, feel it, a liquid harmony that pleases every one.

Mozart Chocolate Energy Drink
The Ultimate in Chocolate Self-Indulgence.
Premium, Energy Drink that?s perfectly suited to those who demand that their gratification be instant, personal, and portable. Be Smart, Drink Mozart, Enjoy!

CHOCOLATE is a potent antioxidant and contain chocolate compounds called flavonoids that can help maintain a healthy heart and good circulation. These flavonoids can have positive cardiovascular effects which provide a better quality of life. Chocolate when used as part of a total weight-loss program, can give you a special edge, quelling your carbohydrate cravings while helping to reshape your body

Mozart Chocolate Energy Drink? is sold as a Luxury
What do you really know about chocolate? Did you know that it can give you the same sensation as falling in love? That it is an antidepressant?
Yes chocolate is a tonic both for the body and the mind. It provides lots of energy in a very small volume. This high energy value is due to its principal nutrients: carbohydrates (sugars) and fatty acids.
The sugars can be easily assimilated by the organism to which they give a boost in low periods or during physical effort. It is also a re-generative food for intellectuals, thanks to its mineral salts, oligo-elements and its vitamins. It also contains substances such as theobromine, which stimulate the nervous system and encourage concentration.
Today we know that chocolate is not really an aphrodisiac, however it contains a natural substance, phenylethylamine, which provokes in the body the same reaction as when you fall in love.

Indulge Your Senses

Smell - Savoring fine chocolate begins when you open a can of Mozart Chocolate Energy Drink and take in the bouquet of the contents. The fine chocolates used in Mozart has a fresh, deep aroma that?s an irresistible reason to indulge.

Taste - Mozart Chocolate Energy Drink has a very intense but refined flavor and sure to delight chocolate lovers worldwide.

When tasting Mozart Chocolate Energy Drink allow the flavors to permeate your mouth. The initial taste should be a roasted chocolate flavor, followed by sweetness and other flavor components. Lastly, Mozart Chocolate Energy Drink's fine chocolate taste tends to have a longer "finish" or pleasant aftertaste that lingers on the palate.

Nutrition Facts
Mozart Chocolate Energy Drink is ideal as a pre and post workout refreshment. Mozart provides additional value of antioxidants along with the added B-Complex Vitamins, aloe, ginseng, green tea, ginkgo, CoQ-10, Immune Blend and other quality ingredients which produce a metabolic balanced product. All this is accomplished in a great tasting chocolate and nutritional drink. It is known as ?Delicious and Nutritious?.

Mozart Chocolate Energy Drink? is designed to provide maximum nutrition in a convenient and delicious drink. This state of the art nutritional product was formulated to meet the needs of busy but health conscious individuals in a fast paced lifestyle. The formula is "metabolically balanced" to provide even energy flow, maximum nutrient absorption to also help provide maximum concentration.
Intensive quality assurance in the selection of the chocolate and cocoa means that Mozart Energy Drink accepts only the highest-quality chocolate products that are available from around the world
Mozart Chocolate Energy Drink? is more expensive because it cost more to make. The intensity of aroma, texture and flavor, however, means that people can eaisly satisfy their chocolate cravings, making Mozart Chocolate Energy Drink? one of life's affordable luxuries.

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