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Last Updated: 1/21/2013 11:41 AM

After making our way through the Lemonade and Half & Half varieties, we honestly found it a bit overwhelming to see that there are four fruit flavors in the Mr. Mo’s line. Trying all four of them, we were slightly disappointed to see that most of the flavors had only fruit flavoring (instead of juice) to create the fruit flavor (note: all of the flavors have lemon juice). However, the Blackberry flavor does, in fact, include additional juice, albeit elderberry and not blackberry. With the aid of flavoring, they’ve definitely created something that is what you’d expect blackberry flavored lemonade to taste like. But if you read the ingredients list on the side of the label, you’re sure to be disappointed. Maybe they aren’t going after label readers, but the prominence of the USDA Organic seal definitely means that some consumers are going to look at what’s in this product. Beyond that, we really feel as though they should focus on nailing their raspberry and mango flavors (which are probably the two most marketable flavors they have) and perhaps skip the raspberry and blackberry flavors altogether. Not that this is a bad product, but it definitely feels like something that has a much more narrow niche than some of their other offerings. Overall, a good product, but we think that the fruit flavors in the line should focus on having a more natural fruit flavor.


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