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Last Updated: 1/21/2013 11:42 AM

Mr. Mo’s take on “Half & Half” is a USDA Organic certified drink that blends 5% juice (lemon juice from concentrate), green tea extracts, lemon flavor, sugar, and water. In terms of the Mr. Mo’s lineup, this was our favorite flavor that we sampled. Unlike most of the ice tea and lemonade combinations out there, they’ve gone the less popular route of using green tea instead of black. As a result, the flavor is smoother and lighter in body, with the tart and tang of the base lemonade flavor providing a nice complement to the naturally grassy flavor of green tea. On the outside, the product’s 16 oz. stock glass bottle has a black cap and label that feature prime placement of the USDA Organic seal. Otherwise, the slightly retro looking label has a pretty innocuous look to it. However, the off kilter branding is something that we’d have a hard time identifying with, especially given that there are several well established and well branded products playing in the organic lemonade space already. Still, it seems like a product that might have appeal where those brands don’t, especially as you skew towards more mainstream retail. Overall, we’re not blown away by this product, but it’s definitely a solid start that can be improved upon.


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