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Last Updated: 1/21/2013 11:42 AM

The flagship flavor of Mr. Mo’s Lemonade is presumably this variety, which is simply called “Lemonade.” Like the rest of the line, it’s USDA Organic-certified and it features 11 percent juice (lemon juice from concentrate). Inside the bottle, there’s some good lemonade flavor, but it’s definitely not the best tasting bottle of lemonade that we’ve ever had. The lemon flavor is clearly from concentrate, which is probably most apparent in the slight tang that you get on the tail end of the product. That said, this product is one that is certainly enjoyable, although it doesn’t offer anything inside the bottle that’s necessarily worth going out of your way for. On the outside, the branding and label design are clearly taking a playful angle. However, something seems disconnected between the name “Mr. Mo’s” and the image of the male and female lemons drinking lemonade. It’s cute and amusing, but the brand itself doesn’t really say anything in particular to us. And in the organic space, where the brand will compete with other brands that are pretty direct in what they stand for, this approach will make the brand either stand out or be overlooked. From our perspective, furthering the design into something that feels more modern would definitely help this brand not fall into the latter bucket. Overall, a decent product, but we think it needs to do more if it’s going to succeed.


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