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Last Updated: 7/24/2008 5:09 PM

Mocha Mud is a hip looking entry into the RTD coffee category that blends espresso, milk, and chocolate flavors. It drinks well, giving discernable notes of espresso followed by a rich and creamy chocolate finish. There's minimal burnt flavor, giving the product a taste that's better than most other products that it's up against. Packaging looks nice, with an edgy logo catches the eye but is a bit hard to read. On the other hand the "MOCHA MUD" text below the logo looks a bit plain and doesn't do justice to what otherwise appears to be a well planned design. Lastly, there's the name -- Mud. It's not a name that's naturally appetizing or appealing, but it is short and simple to say. Overall, excellent taste and above average appearance.


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Coffee Drinks


15 oz can

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