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Last Updated: 11/11/2013 9:58 AM

The “Organic Mulberry Juice” variety of Mulberry Love is not only USDA Organic (versus the company's "All Natural” product), but it also has a different formulation and flavor profile. Made with just two ingredients (black mulberry juice and coconut water), this product has a pretty hefty dose of coconut water flavor and a little less body when it comes to the mulberry juice. Whether you like this variety over the other is ultimately going to be a matter of personal preference. However, we suspect that this one will pull better if the two products are side by side. For starters, why would a consumer of this type of drink ever NOT want an organic variety when available? While the flavors of the two are slightly different, it’s definitely not clear that they are different from a visual perspective (and we say that with both the design and the naming convention in mind). Lastly, the variation of flavor is simply not significant enough to really help the brand. In our opinion, we’d stick with this variety and convert the other into something that’s both organic and has a secondary (and familiar) flavor to it. As for this one, we enjoyed it, and we definitely feel as though it’s the stronger of the two.


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8oz Glass

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