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Last Updated: 2/21/2010 7:25 PM

Naked is the first mainstream brand to move into the coconut water category with the same Tetra Pak container that’s been used by the category’s upstart players. It also tastes very similar to what’s out there, with a very light coconut flavor that has a subtle saltiness and a faint note of sweetness to the finish. Still, we’re more partial to the other flavors, with this product lacking enough sweetness to balance the flavor out. On the outside, they have, despite using the same container as the competition (for technical reasons), clearly made an effort to give this product a unique look. They’ve given the product a white backdrop with images of green coconuts along the top of the container. While they’ve succeeded at making it look different, it doesn’t feel as fun or appealing as the competition. Furthermore, the placement of the coconut graphics behind the naked logo makes them look more like green grapes, thus reducing the ability to easily identify this product as coconut water from afar. And last, but not least, we’re not sure what sure how well the Naked brand is going to work for a coconut water – only time will tell. Overall, it’s a good first step, but the product fails to beat the competition in either flavor or packaging.


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Juice: Coconut Water and Juice


11.2 oz Tetra Pak

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