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Of the initial flavors that make up the line of Natural Jones, Cherry was the flavor that we are most partial to. Aside from the lack of red coloring (which is fine by us), the product is an extremely accurate rendition of the classic soda shop flavor. The sugar, erythritol and stevia blend gives the product a sufficient level of sweetness without too much in the way of aftertaste. And the cherry flavor is perfect, making the product taste very enjoyable and also adding some nostalgia. While there’s no red coloring in this product, Jones uses a reddish-looking label, which certainly helps the senses get ready for what’s inside the bottle. Otherwise, it pretty much follows the same format that Jones has always followed, with a customer submitted photo and block-like text surrounding it. If there’s anything we’d consider for this label, it would be a more prominent callout for the calories (maybe “low calorie”) that is connected to the word “Natural” somehow. Nitpicking aside, we think that Jones has done a superb job with this flavor.


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Carbonated Soft Drink: Diet


12oz Glass

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