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Last Updated: 1/23/2014 11:50 AM

Nature’s Pure Organic Cola is a premium version of one of America's classic beverages: cola. This is something that seems to be tried again and again, but very few of these products seem to do anything more than carve out a small niche. In the case of Nature’s Pure, the company at least has a chance to do just that, if not more, with a nice 8 oz. portion size, USDA organic certification and very enjoyable flavor. But like so many other colas out there, it’s hard to say that this one, despite being clean, crisp and having a nice level of sweetness (and 100 calories per bottle), has a flavor that’s unique enough to attract a really strong base repeat buyers. Furthermore, we feel as though the branding is a bit off, with too much emphasis on it being “natural” and organic to the point where you have to wonder how it’s going to taste. Plus, the product lacks in the “fun” department — it in no way catches your eye or could ever be a conversation starter. Not that the product is bad, but these are certainly some limiting factors that will have to be dealt with if this product is going to build a large loyal following. Overall, we like the flavor and the fact that its organic and only 100 calories, but there’s still work to be done.


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