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Last Updated: 4/4/2011 11:03 AM

The latest extension to the Nawgan line of Cognizin enhanced beverages is “Tarocco Orange," which is a caffeinated and non-carbonated formulation. Tarocco, which is a blood orange variety from Italy, is an overly ambitious way to name this product since it neither tastes like blood orange (it’s more like grapefruit) nor contains any blood orange juice. The latter is particularly important since it begs the question as to why they chose to be so specific with the flavor name (“Blood Orange” would be better). Otherwise, the product is fairly pleasant to drink, with a fruity flavor and only a moderate amount of stevia to the finish (since it has sugar as well). Adding carbonation would likely make the product more palatable while a more accurate blood orange flavor would also be a good idea. Functionally, the product contains Cognizin (citocoline), caffeine, and 50% RDA of vitamin E. The can is a standard 250 ml can, which is synonymous with the energy drink category. The color and artwork are well executed, although the Cognizin logo that’s on the front feels somewhat out of place, especially since this product is not labeled as a supplement. This also means that there’s no detail on the Cognizin content, including how many milligrams are contained and what its function is (aside from a few loose statements). Overall, this is a good addition to the line, but both the flavor and positioning could be tightened up.


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