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Last Updated: 6/16/2011 1:30 PM

Nestle’s Jamaica Aguas Frescas is a nice RTD version of the classic hibiscus drink. While it’s not the sweetest Jamaica drink that we’ve ever had, it’s definitely sweet, with 46 grams of sugar per bottle. Otherwise, the flavor is clean and straightforward, with a modest amount of hibiscus flavor. Packaging is a 20 oz. PET bottle, which has a label around the bottle’s midsection. The design of the label is rather busy, with splashes of red liquid, images of hibiscus, and an aguas frescas jar covering almost the entire label. The bilingual labeling is certainly a smart move given the drink’s origins as a Mexican product. However, we think they could dial back some of the text that’s on the label (e.g. “Excellent source of Vitamin C”) – it just becomes noise at a certain point. Overall, we think they’ve done a nice job with this product, although they could certainly make the packaging more attractive.


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