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Last Updated: 9/29/2009 10:13 AM

Of the lineup, Neuro “Gasm” has the best and most memorable flavor, which is a mixture of blood orange, mango, and passion fruit flavorings. The 35 calorie formulation is sugar and sucralose sweetened, while a hefty dose of carbonation gives the product a crisp mouth-feel. Billed as helping your “body performance,” this product has a loads of functional ingredients aimed at a variety of functional areas, including energy, circulation, satisfaction, performance, and relaxation. From our point of view, this seems like an unfocused approach, especially since there’s potential overlap with other Neuro flavors. And then there’s the name “Neuro Gasm,” which is, at least to us, an unappealing name for a food or beverage product. Yes, it’s humorous, but it’s the type of thing that could get in the way of repeat business. That’s especially unfortunate given the product’s very enjoyable flavor. Packaging is attractive, at least from afar, having made good use of a CSD-style PET bottle. The cone shaped cap makes the product stand out, but, once removed, you’re left with a pretty pedestrian looking product. Like the other Neuro flavors, we’d like to see them more clearly articulate (on the front panel) what this drink is all about. Overall, we really enjoyed the flavor and its functionality feels credible, but a more narrow focus would probably help this drink in the long run.


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14.5 oz PET

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