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Last Updated: 9/11/2009 9:32 AM

New Leaf’s attempt to create a classic Sweet Tea variety is a good one, with a smooth base of black tea that’s been sweetened with a heavy hit of organic sugar (it wouldn’t be sweet tea without this). And that’s basically it. The product has only four ingredients, which speaks to how simple and clean this mixture is. That being said, if you like sweet tea, you’ll definitely find this to be right on the money from a flavor point of view. Packaging is similar to the other New Leaf varieties, although they’ve chosen a casual style font for the “Sweet Tea” text. Presumably, this is some sort of ode to the homemade style of the product. That’s fine by us, especially with the bright blue backdrop, both of which make for a label that’s easy to read. It also keeps the product looking different than some of its other sweet tea competitors, who try to reach out to consumers with down-home themes. In this case, we think that New Leaf is probably trying to reach a slightly more value oriented consumer – and one who likes the clean urban feel of the New Leaf brand. Overall, a very enjoyable product from New Leaf.


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16.9 oz glass bottle

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