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Last Updated: 10/24/2012 12:43 PM

NY Razor is an energy drink that comes packaged in a New York City-themed can. While the can might catch some eyes in beverage coolers in the New York metro area, it seems like something that is going to have a tough time establishing its own identity as it will be hard for any product to own “New York.” Inside the can, it’s a standard-tasting energy drink with “classic” energy drink flavor. So, while it’s passable, it’s not a formulation that consumers will actively seek out for formulation alone. For any product, having neither flavor nor packaging that offer meaningful differentiation is a big problem. And in the case of the energy drink category, this problem is magnified, with a steady stream of new offerings that suffer from this. We’re not saying this to be overly critical of NY Razor, but we firmly believe that the current approach is going to be an insurmountable uphill battle. Emphasizing the word “Razor” in the brand (assuming that’s a clean name to use from a trademark perspective) and drastically enhancing the formulation would be the logical places to start.


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8.4oz Can

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