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Last Updated: 1/11/2012 2:33 PM

The baseline for the Noah’s Sparkling Spring Water product lineup is their plain sparkling water. This product has a powerful bite from the carbonation and it was a bit of a surprise to find out that it was sodium-free. The slight mineral taste must be provided by the magnesium and calcium that is contained inside. Noah’s comes packaged in an ocean blue 12 oz. can. The can features illustrations of Noah’s Ark as well as floating bubbles throughout. The whimsical design is a bit overshadowed by the amount (and size) of the text on the package, however. The brand name is repeated and sub-taglines are rather large. The “sparkling spring water” is certainly important and should be included, but the font size can be reduced. As for the tagline “Flood Your Thirst,” it seems a bit too obvious a play on the entire “Noah’s Ark” theme and isn’t really necessary. Overall, Noah’s Sparkling Spring Water is clean-tasting water with a nice carbonated bite. The only refinement we feel necessary is to tone down the text on the package and let the fun graphics shine through.


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Water: Enhanced


12 oz Sleek Can

Nutritional Info

Natural Spring Water, 34 mg Magnesium per 12 oz can (110 mg per liter, Sodium Free, Zero Calories, no preservatives


Carbonated Spring Water, natural flavors

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