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Last Updated: 8/28/2009 4:27 PM

Honey Lemon Chamomile was the first flavor that we sampled because it was the most appealing sounding. Fortunately, the flavor didn’t disappoint, with a mellow base of green tea and chamomile that’s followed by the bold flavor of honey and the tart flavor of lemon to the finish. It’s a dead on copy of what you’d get if you made green tea with honey and lemon at home – very high quality stuff that wins us over on taste alone. However, they didn’t stop there, adding extra EGCG and dietary fiber to the mix (8g per bottle). That’s definitely a nice added benefit from a drink that already excels on flavor alone. The packaging of the product makes use of the same 16.9 oz. square plastic bottle that you’ll find on other Asian imported tea drinks, but, of course, with their own label design. That label design is pretty good, with an Asian theme on the top portion of the bottle and easy to read text on the lower portion. There’s also an accent graphic, but it requires you to look very closely to determine what it is. Overall, Noyu’s Honey Lemon Chamomile has impressive flavor inside the bottle and a nice looking label on the outside, making this one of the more marketable Asian style teas that we’ve seen in a while.


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