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Last Updated: 8/28/2009 4:26 PM

Billed as a “functional tea”, Samurai Defender is a Mandarin Ginger Oolong Tea as well. On the flavor front, this product delivers complex flavor that’s very drinkable and extremely enjoyable. There’s a smooth base of oolong tea, while a touch of Mandarin orange juice, ginger, and honey give some added levels of flavor. There are also herbal ingredients, which add both an herbal note to the finish and the marketed functionality. Speaking of marketed functionality, the product has added echinacea, huang qi, goji berry, hong tsao, ginseng, and vitamins. You’ll have to dig a bit to find it, plus it’s a part of the vague “Defender” function. So, our bet is that this product’s flavor will be more of a lure than its function. However, on the branding front, we like the addition of the Samurai graphic as well as the brighter gold backdrop. Not only is it more pleasing to the eye, but we like the personality that’s added as a result. That being said, we wonder if this wouldn’t be a better approach to the line in general as it adds a further point of differentiation from the many commoditized-looking products that are in this very same bottle. Regardless, we really like the way that this drink looks and tastes and think that it’s one of the best of the Noyu line.


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