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Last Updated: 1/13/2014 9:22 AM

Nuwi’s Quinoa Smoothie currently comes in two flavors, Natural Blueberry Flavor and Natural Banana Flavor. While the two flavors are very similar, it was this variety, Natural Banana, that we preferred. The formulation of this product is very straightforward and simple, with filtered water, organic agave, organic gluten-free quinoa flour and natural flavor being the primary ingredients. The use of quinoa flour gives the product a thick and almost gummy body. It doesn’t really taste like quinoa in the traditional sense, but there is an earthy flavor to the product. The use of agave gives it some mild sweetness, while the banana flavoring is something that we’d definitely like to see improved upon. Specifically, we think that actual puree, not flavoring, would fit better with a drink of this type (it just seems odd to use an ingredient like quinoa and then rely exclusively on flavoring). Otherwise, the product tastes good, although it’s definitely a very heavy product in your mouth. Visually, Nuwi’s effort is a pretty good one, especially for a brand fresh out of the gate. However, the product’s label definitely is a bit busy and misleading (specifically by using the phrase “no sugar added” when the product includes added agave, which is a sweetener). Plus, it feels slightly sterile in its execution. The Nuwi label has some slight edge to it, but this hasn’t been carried through the full label. Overall, a nice start that will certainly get better with some refinement.


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