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Last Updated: 7/1/2013 11:23 AM

Like the other two flavors of Oatworks, Peach Mango (formerly “Mango & Peach”) is a 100 percent juice drink that has been enhanced with oat fiber. From a flavor perspective, this is probably the most straightforward tasting of the three varieties that we sampled, with the mango and peach being the dominant flavors. The added pear and apple juices don't get in the way as much as they do in the Strawberry & Banana variety, which results in a cleaner, more enjoyable experience. Functionally, being enhanced with oats is pretty straightforward in the sense that it's an ingredient that is universally understood as something good for you. There are also 2g of soluble fiber per bottle, which is certainly meaningful. In this incarnation of the brand, the company changed "oat & fruit smoothie" to “oat-powered natural smoothie,” which seems almost more confusing than the original tagline. In addition, there’s a gummy consistency to this version (it’s much more viscous) that the original didn’t have. The other more obvious change is the packaging, which is now a 12 oz. stock smoothie bottle. This has some practical advantages over the first rendition, including a cap that isn’t fully-wrapped (it’s certainly easier to open). And they’ve dialed down the color on the label, making the product have a cleaner, more sophisticated look. However, this comes at the expense of there being easily identifiable visual differences between the flavors. That’s definitely something they should consider in the future. Overall, we still like this product, but the changes haven’t really helped or hurt our opinion of the product.


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