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Last Updated: 7/1/2013 11:23 AM

As far as ready to drink smoothie flavors go, strawberry and banana is probably as close to peanut butter and jelly as you’ll get. So, we decided to start with this flavor, which we thought would give us the best sense of what an oat and fruit smoothie is all about. The product has a pretty fruity nose, with the strawberry and apple (there’s also pear) providing most of the drink’s aroma. From there, the liquid, which is very thick compared to the original formulation, tastes very much like a classic strawberry and banana smoothie before finishing with a slight note of apple and pear. At this point, you’re probably thinking what we are: where are the oats? The product definitely does not taste like oatmeal, which is probably a good thing in terms of mainstream appeal. However, the latest formulation has a gummier texture in comparison to the first rendition. Visually, it’s pretty clear that this is an oat-based drink. It definitely has a good-for-you look, which seems like the right approach for this type of product. The liquid is aseptically filled in the brand's new package, a 12 oz. bottle, which looks more polished than the original colorful bottle. However, the differences between the flavors are diminished, requiring the consumer to either recognize the color of the liquid or read the smallish text on the full wrap label. Overall, it seems like Oatworks has improved upon some things at the expense of some of the other aspects of the drink. It definitely seems like a pretty lateral move for the product.


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