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Last Updated: 5/10/2010 5:37 PM

We’ve seen lots of products with charitable intentions behind them, but this is the first that we can remember to use an original flavor to do it rather than recycling an old one. In this case, the product is a 25 percent juice blend that utilizes only four ingredients: water, mango puree, organic evaporated cane juice, and lime juice. The resulting flavor is extremely enjoyable, albeit sweet, with the mango and lime flavors working perfectly together and still managing to maintain their fresh fruit flavor. Packaging is standard fare Odwalla, with the most notable change being the “100% profits to Haiti Hope Project” text and logo. While their efforts, which are focused on helping to create sustainable mango farming, are certainly appreciated, making the flavor name more easily identifiable would likely help sell more of this product. Otherwise, the current rendition is one of the cleaner looking Odwalla designs. Overall, a very enjoyable product.


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