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Last Updated: 3/19/2009 10:09 AM

Billed as having only 50 calories per serving (100 per bottle), this is the first low-calorie juice drink that we’ve seen to use the newly approved Truvia sweetener. This is definitely a drinkable beverage, although the presence of the sweetener is very noticeable. The name Mojito Mambo isn’t an accurate descriptor of this drink, which is ultimately a berry flavored lemonade. We found the first couple of sips to be pleasant, but the more we consumed it, the more the sweetener aftertaste got in the way. Plus, for a non-shelf stable product, this one feels quite processed – an issue for a drink with a high price point. Packaging is cluttered and in need of a makeover, the Odwalla brand sitting stagnant in a world where other brands have evolved and improved. Overall, it’s a good concept, but we think that the drink needs less sweetener aftertaste and more natural fruit flavor to be a winner.


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