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Last Updated: 3/19/2009 10:10 AM

Using 21 percent juice and sweetened with Truvia, this drink’s reason for being is the fact that it has 50 calories per serving (100 per bottle). The drink contains pomegranate, strawberry, and cherry juices and is also sweetened with a small amount of organic evaporated cane juice (raw sugar). The resulting mixture has a decent – and very natural -- strawberry note to it, but it lacks distinguishable pomegranate flavor. Instead, you get a hit of the Truvia sweetener on your tongue, which also accounts for the product’s aftertaste. Still, this is an enjoyable product, although there’s certainly room for improvement. The drink’s bottle is the classic Odwalla square bottle, with a cluttered label that’s trying to convey way too much in a tight little space. The 50 calories label is good, although it is questionable that they’ve used the per serving calorie count rather than the whole bottle (they call this a “single serve” for a reason). Otherwise, it’s an efficient look, but not a pretty one, but that’s really what this brand is about nowadays. Overall, decent flavor, but could stand to be improved.


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