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Last Updated: 1/20/2010 9:51 AM

Of the three red-colored products that are in the Olade line, the Cranberry flavor is our favorite. Made with 7 percent juice, the product has a natural fruit flavor, although both the cranberry and lemon flavors are rather muted. It’'s sweetened with stevia, which keeps the calories and carbohydrates very low, and, thanks to good execution, the aftertaste is minimal. However, our biggest concern (and this can be said about the Strawberry and Pomegranate flavors as well) is that the product tastes very little like a lemonade and more like a juice cocktail. As a result, we suspect that consumers will find something inside the bottle that'’s not in line with the look and feel of the exterior. On the surface, we like the look of the product’, which has vibrant colors and a black backdrop, which seems unique to the category. However, a sliced cranberry is not a familiar image, which results in a big loss of appeal and familiarity for the benefit of consistency for the brand. Like the other flavors, the product also needs help in its message. Right now, the product is sold as an upgraded lemonade with electrolytes and as a juice beverage with zero added sugar. If the product is a lemonade first and foremost, it seems logical for the brand to have something visual (like an image of a lemon) that’'s consistent across the brand. Overall, a nice tasting product, but the brand’s identity crisis is likely to get in the way of success.


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