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Diet lemonade beverages have generally never worked well, with the sharp citrus flavor not helping the acidic aftertaste that is found in most artificial sweeteners. In the case of Olade, they’ve taken a slightly different approach, both by using stevia (SweetLeaf brand) and by using a fair amount of lemon juice (7 percent). While this doesn’'t fully mask the sweetener aftertaste, it'’s definitely a big step forward over the competition. The lemon flavor is extremely natural, which is the result of lemon juice and lemon oil being used without the aid of any filler juice. Ultimately, the flavor is quite drinkable, assuming you don'’t mind a slight aftertaste in order to get a 10 calorie (per bottle) formulation. Added electrolytes are an added bonus, although the manufacturer doesn'’t do anything to contextualize how this drink fares against a sports drink (or something else that’s commonly known for having electrolytes). That leads us to the drink'’s branding, which is definitely much improved over the first version. Now sporting a vibrant black backdrop with yellow graphics and text, the product has some nice pop to it. They’'ve adopted a tag line of '“upgrade your lemonade”,' while smaller text points out that the drink is “99 percent organic”, has added electrolytes, and zero added sugar. Those last two points seem worthy of some better billing, especially since they are what sets the drink apart from your standard sugar sweetened lemonade. Overall, well-done flavor and an eye-catching bottle, but the communication of the drink'’s benefits needs to be better.”


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