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Last Updated: 1/20/2010 9:41 AM

Olade'’s Lemon Ginger is flavored with lemon juice (4 percent), lemon extract, lemon oil, and ginger powder, which gives the product a nice yin and yang of flavors. Like the other flavors, it'’s sweetened with SweetLeaf brand stevia, which keeps the calories at only 10 per bottle. This variety also has the least amount of sweetener aftertaste, thanks to the spice of the ginger. However, along with the heat, the ginger powder adds some unwanted grit to the mixture. All in all, this is a very nice flavor, though. On the outside, the black backdrop has some nice pop to it, but the ginger image isn'’t easily identifiable as a ginger root from afar. Simply changing to a different graphic of a ginger root would help this. Otherwise, we'’d certainly like to see more prominent promotion of the electrolytes and sugar-free formulation, both of which are key differentiators of this brand. In its current rendition, it would easy to mistake this for just another sugar sweetened lemonade, especially if you are quickly packing a cooler as consumers often do. Overall, an enjoyable flavor whose biggest need is to better communicate what’s inside the bottle.


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