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Of the fruit flavored Olade products, this is the best of the bunch. That’'s largely due to the use of a 20 percent juice blend, including lemon, pineapple, mango, and passionfruit. However, they'’ve still kept the calories low (20 per bottle) thanks to a stevia formulation. It lives up to its “Tropical” name, with notes of each of the fruit flavors making their way into the pleasant tasting mixture. The use of stevia is noticeable in both the body and aftertaste, but it’'s tolerable, especially since the fruit flavors mask it more so than in competing products. However, we can'’t help but want a bit more lemon flavor to the mix, especially since this line is primarily positioned in that category. Added electrolytes are a plus, but seem lost in the shuffle, especially since they aren'’t mentioned anywhere else than the fine print on the front panel. Visually, this product catches the eye, with the same black background and similarly polished looking graphics as the other flavors. In this case, the sliced mango is more easily identifiable than some of the other fruits, but it'’s still not immediately obvious that this drink is a sugar-free flavored lemonade with electrolytes. Having a better balance of form and function seems like the obvious next step, perhaps starting by calling it “TROPICAL LEMONADE” instead of “TROPICAL Juice Beverage”. Overall, it tastes nice, despite the muted lemonade flavor, but the bigger opportunity lies in correcting the presentation of the product.


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