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enhanced water category pioneer glacéau, maker of vitaminwater™ and smartwater®, unveils fruitwater®, a very low-calorie water with a natural, light flavor. unlike other diet beverages on the market, fruitwater is completely free of artificial sweeteners and chemical preservatives. vapor-distilled water, electrolytes (which expedite hydration), light fruit flavor and low levels of crystalline fructose (a very pure, high-quality sweetener – same as that found in fruit) are the products’ only ingredients. at only 20 calories per serving, fruitwater is the “natural way to diet.”

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Perhaps the most logical starting point for the Fruitwater brand, Glaceau’s lemon flavor is almost p...


Glaceau’s treatment of its grape flavor is typical of what this company tries to do, which is add a ...


This is a nice-tasting, great-smelling, peach-flavored water with perhaps just a bit too much sweetn...


What we love about Fruitwater is that it doesn’t try to be anything that it’s not – so many of the d...


What a nice product for a lunchtime treat. Glaceau’s lime-flavored Fruitwater is crisp, smells like ...

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