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Dr. Edward Beja, Optometric Physician, President and CEO of Ponce de Leon Enterprises created and developed an all natural two flavored (berry and citrus) Omega-3 fortified water with Vitamins B (3,5,6,12), C, and D and Calcium. Kosher and vegetarian friendly. Suitable for all ages, child to adult. His purpose was to provide a unique all natural healthy beverage that contained Omega-3 which may assist people in living a longer younger healthier life. Dr. Beja has educated his patients about the power of Omega-3 for many years. Join the many others drinking the World's First Omega-3Water®. We hope you enjoy this beverage as much as we do. We feel Omega-3Water® is the ULTIMATE WATER. Best served chilled.

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As the name directly states, Omega 3 Water is designed to supply the drinker with omega-3 fatty acid...


Compared with the other flavor of Omega-3 Water, this variety is more satisfying, at least when it c...

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