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Last Updated: 6/14/2010 2:21 PM

While this was the last flavor of O.N.E.’s new Active flavors, it’s definitely right there with the other flavors in terms of enjoyable flavor. The berry and grape flavors work incredibly well with the coconut water base, plus it does a very nice job of masking the stevia and herbal ingredients. Functionally, this flavor has O.N.E.’s “total performance” blend of ingredients, which include ginseng, ginkgo biloba, grapeseed extract, catuaba bark, calcium, and antioxidants. The only down side to this approach is that hydration and refreshment are still the only immediately noticeable benefits. On the outside, we like the positive, “active” look of the product. However, it’s not clear if they are trying to be a sports drink – or what exactly “total performance” means. In any event, if they are pulling in new customers because of coconut water curiosity – or existing consumers seeking something new – we think they’ll be pleased with what’s inside the container. Overall, this is a very nice tasting product that’s definitely a step in the right direction for O.N.E.


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Juice: Coconut Water and Juice


16.9 oz Pak

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