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Last Updated: 6/14/2010 2:18 PM

The Lemon Lime flavor of O.N.E. Active is a coconut water beverage that has been enhanced with herbal ingredients (ginseng, ginkgo biloba, grapeseed extract, catuaba bark), calcium, and antioxidants. The goal of the product is to create a formula that aids in “total performance," with energy, focus, stamina, and bone health functions added to the standard coconut water function of hydration. From a flavor point of view, it starts out with the familiar taste of coconut water, but there’s added lemon and lime flavorings and stevia. These ingredients, along with the herbal ingredients, give the product a flavor that’s enjoyable, with the exception of a slight sweetener note to the finish. From a packaging and positioning point of view, the bright green 16.9 oz. Tetra Pak container is eye catching, although they’ve placed the emphasis on “O.N.E. Active”, which doesn’t really tell you what the product is. Calling it “Active Coconut Water” or something that gets the words “coconut water” front and center would be a helpful change. Plus, we think that the emphasis on the word “Active” clutters the front panel and makes it more complicated to figure out what this product is. Overall, we really like the flavor and efforts to differentiate from the pack, but a some tweaks to the packaging would make this a much improved product.


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