Almond Joy


Almond Joy

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Last Updated: 5/22/2013 2:09 PM

OnJuice’s Almond Joy is a blend of sprouted almonds, raw coconut water and filtered water. The resulting flavor is extremely enjoyable, with just the right amount of almond and coconut flavor. It’s a very smooth, grit-free formulation, which, when paired with the coconut water, makes it quite thirst-quenching as well as filling. In terms of other nut milks that we’ve tasted recently, this one is definitely one of the better tasting formulations that we’ve had. Visually, it looks nice, but we question the name, which it shares with a popular candy bar. Regardless, the visual appearance of the product definitely whets the appetite, which is always a plus when it comes to a beverage. The front panel is clean and easy to read, with prime placement of the ingredients. It’s an approach that has been used by many cold pressed juice companies -- and it’s an approach that works well. Overall, we really enjoyed this product.


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Juice: Fruit JuiceJuice: Cold Pressed or Raw,


16oz Plastic

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