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Made with five ingredients (water, cranberry juice, honey, green tea, citric acid), Oooli's Cranberry flavored Organic Green Tea is a very wholesome tasting product. Using honey as the only sweetener, the product doesn't have much in the way of sweetness, with only a faint touch of honey flavor to the finish. If you're a calorie conscious consumer, then this should be music to your ears, with the product having only 40 calories and 3 g of sugar per 16 oz. serving. But low calories doesn't mean that this product is low on flavor: the green tea, cranberry, and honey deliver a complex flavor that's very pleasing to the palate. If they are trying to prove the point that great taste doesn't mean lots of sweetness, then they've definitely succeeded. From a packaging perspective, the whimsical looking design fits the mold of what a USDA Organic low sugar tea should look like. It feels polished, but homespun, which ultimately sends the message that this product was created by someone who cares about the craft of tea making but also realizes that beverage packaging is also about image and aesthetics. To that extent, there's still a little room for refinement, with the "lower sugar" sending mixed messages about what's actually inside the bottle (putting the calorie and sugar content would be a better approach). Overall, though, this product is off to a great start.


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