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Last Updated: 5/28/2010 10:08 AM

Of the entire Oooli lineup, this product, despite solid execution, seems like a bit of a misstep for the brand. While the oolong tea that's inside the bottle is extremely enjoyable, calling this the "Original" which implies that this is the place for new consumers to start, doesn't seem like the right move. In addition, unsweetened Oolong tea is something that's been somewhat commoditized, with brands like Ito En likely cheaper on the price front. Perhaps adding a touch of lemon or another flavor would help. On the other hand, this product's packaging is the most clear of the bunch. This is due in part to "lower sugar" being replaced with "no sugar" something that's definitive sounding in comparison to the other varieties. Overall, it's still a good product, but we don't think that a completely unsweetened flavor will be a winner in the long run for this brand.


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Tea: Unsweetened


16 oz Glass

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