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Last Updated: 5/28/2010 9:58 AM

Like the other sweetened flavors of Oooli, this variety uses minimal ingredients to create a wholesome, homemade flavor that's low in sugar. In this case, the product uses a sugar and brown rice syrup mixture, which, in addition to giving the product a light level of sweetness, adds a touch of molasses-like flavor to the mix. The green tea is spot on, with a medium strength brew that's flavorful but not grassy, resulting in something that should be palatable even to the mainstream consumer. On the other hand, the fruit flavor of this variety seems particularly muted, which could simply be the result of the lack of sweetness relative to two fruit flavors that are naturally very sweet. Still, the use of mango puree and passion fruit juice as opposed to flavorings is a plus, both in terms of flavor and marketability. Packaging is, like the other flavors, a 16 ounce bottle that has a very polished look for a newcomer to the beverage space. As we've cited in the other reviews, the "lower sugar" callout is really the only part of the design that needs improvement from our point of view. Overall, a very good product, although we're more fond of some of Oooli's other flavors.


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